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28 février 2013

University of North Carolina engineering students connect with Supermetal

by Jeff Pate

MockupThere is nothing more rewarding than seeing a drawing become reality. That’s what mechanical engineering students at the University of North Carolina -Charlotte quickly found out when they came to Supermetal Southern’s plant in Rock Hill.

But let’s back up. It all started with the supervisor of a Senior Design Team at UNC-Charlotte. The project was to optimize the connection methods with piperacks and to go from theory to application. In other words, the goal was to have a prototype built within a tight budget. That’s when Supermetal Southern offered to fabricate the mock up free of charge, hosted the team for a plant tour, pizza, and technical presentation.

The team - which consisted of Matthew Elliott, James Roberts, Kerby Huelsman and Jason Kennedy - was looking to build a single connection point off of the piperack. The total weight of the assembly is about 350 lbs. (W12X26, 3/8" thick plate, and 7/8" bolts). They sent the engineering document to Supermetal Southern and it got built much to the satisfaction of all the students involved. Even the colours matched!

The process, from receipt of the design drawings to completion of fabrication, took less than one week.  Many thanks to François Paquet, Cleve Collins, Devon Ritch and other Supermetal employees who made this possible.

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